Andrew Noel

Director / DP / Photographer / Editor

A native to the fresh water lakes of Northern Michigan, Andrew started shooting photos and video at a young age with a focus on nature and action sports. After completing a Bachelor of Science in Digital Arts, Andrew moved to the west coast and settled in Newport Beach as an Assistant Creative Director for Australian surf label, Rhythm. Migrating to Los Angeles two years later, Andrew lived and traveled as a freelance musician and photographer before meeting Tegan, and starting his own brand in 2015, creating original content across fashion, lifestyle, music and beauty. 



Tegan Butler

Creative Director / Producer / Photographer

Moving to Los Angeles in 2012, from a music and magazine publishing background in Melbourne, Australia, Tegan began her US career in music management at boutique agency, Vitalic Noise. Between working closely with Australian and international artists heading touring and artist relations, and meeting Andy, Tegan acquired an ex-tour van and fed their desire for travel by taking weekend road trips across the west coast. After two years of adventures together, Tegan began working alongside Andy in 2015 to build their own creative agency.